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Hi, Welcome to A1 New & Used Plumbing and Heating website!

If you have found us then you most likely are looking for Radiators or antique plumbing fixtures! A1 stocks over 4500 various cast iron radiators and some rare house fixtures.



All the radiators that we sell are:

** pressure tested to 65 p.s.i. of water pressure (your homes running pressure for steam rads is 2-6 p.s.i., where hot water radiators have 10-15 p.s.i.)

** flushed out and all inlets and outlets tapped
for clean and perfect threads ready for install

for a period of ONE YEAR from the date of purchase

If you are trying to replace a radiator please refer to the AskFran? section of our website in the upper right hand corner of this web page.

Many of our products have transcended the times and geographical barriers.
We carry; Radiators, Clawfoot tubs, Pedestal sinks and a host of other rare fixtures from the turn of the century.

Ever wondered where how you can replace a broken toilet lid?

If you are looking for a broken tank lid, please take a firm piece of cardboard, put it on your toilet tank and trace the outline of the tank. You are making a template. The better the template the better the chance that we may find your tank cover. We carry over 3000 tank covers in our warehouse. Dates can be found from the late 19th c. to the 1990's.
Write down any and all #s that you may find on the bottom of the broken lid. If you have thrown out the old lid, scrub away inside the tank and use a flashlight to see if you can find any model #s. From here, you will want to stop by or mail in the template. If it is a color other than white, mail in a chip of the old tank lid. (Be careful , it's sharp.)

We might have what you are looking for! We carry some old and new stuff. House radiators make up the core of our business. Our radiators are designed to meet any structural conditions. They are pressure-tested and come with a warranty! We can arrange shipment to anywhere in North America. Simply contact us !

"A1 prides in your satisfaction."
CEO and Founder
Francis Fahey

To order a product or for shipment queries please contact us,
We can arrange shipment to anywhere in North America.

Classics from the past   radiators arenít just hunks of junk, they are works of art we are salvaging from the past..


Colar Stairway radiator


Circular radiator


Colar Window radiator